Dicke Safety Products

The current Dicke Tool is dynamic, continually changing and constantly developing new ways to satisfy our customers. Our modern facility continues to manufacture products with ever greater efficiency, all the while holding the high quality standard that has been our heritage since Casper's day. Our network of sales professionals augments the technical expertise of our inside staff of product development and customer service personnel. Dicke Tool Company is the holder of many patents in their field, the mark of a true innovator, continually advancing their quality objective. These innovations make you able to rely on Dicke for a quality solution to your problem. In the past, product improvements pioneered by Dicke have gained wide acceptance as the standard in the industry. This depth of experience in product design and development gives us an excellent background for realizing your specific product requirements. If you need a tool to fit the job or just fit in your truck, a call to our sales department will let us work with you to create a high quality, cost effective answer to your problem.

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